Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy:

Ulady Company, by contracting with some shipping companies, delivers the goods sold on our store to our customers.

– Goods are packaged and delivered to shipping companies within a maximum of 1-3 working days, after communicating with the customer and confirming the purchase.

– Shipping companies transport and deliver the goods within an approximate period of 1-16 working days, as well as arranging the appropriate delivery date with the customer.

– The total time for receiving applications ranges between 7-18 working days (in the main cities and centers, and the suburbs have a little longer time)

– Shipping cost at ulady is calculated based on the customer’s address (country), which is not related to the value or number of goods ordered, and we offer free shipping services on a wide range of products, so we encourage our customers to buy without worrying about shipping costs

– The received goods can only be opened and inspected after completing the payment process, so the goods cannot be rejected or returned with the representative himself after opening it.

note :

Company ulady owns a group of stores in different countries, so if the customer requests more than one product at the same time, it is possible that each product will be sent separately, and this depends on where the ordered products are stored

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